A Day at Nicholson

A Day at the Preschool 

In order to provide the best first school experience possible for a young child, it takes us all.  By creating an open community, a strong connection between parent, teacher and student, in an environment that encourages each child's Multiple Intelligences through the power of play, The Nicholson School works to achieve success for each young child.

Starting the Day with Purposeful Play

Teachers welcome families and help the children get settled, putting away backpacks, hanging up jackets and washing hands.  Children move into their choice of play as caregivers give a final kiss goodbye.  One child chooses the literacy corner and begins looking at the pictures in a book.  Another selects the natural world and begins experimenting with various colored waters.  She wants to know what happens when she mixes them all together.

Community Clean-up and Snack

Clean-up is a fun, group activity that all members of the community participate in.  Afterwards, children prepare for snack by using the bathroom, washing their hands and helping sClean-up is a fun, group activity that all members of the community participate in.  Afterwards, children prepare for snack by using the bathroom, washing their hands and helping set the table.  Discussion is lively as everyone eats together.​et the table.  

Rug Time

As children finish their snacks they clear their places and are encouraged to pick a book and spend some time "reading" independently on the rug until the teacher engages them.  The teacher shares a story or teaches the children songs.

Outdoor and Gross Motor Play

For the preschooler, gross motor play is essential to the learning process.  It's a beautiful day and the class heads out to explore their outdoor environment.

Getting Ready to Go Home and Pick-up

As the day comes to an end at The Nicholson School, teachers help the children gather their things.  As the children wait for their loving caregivers, there may be time for one last story or the teacher may preview tomorrow's plans.  The class says good-bye to each friend as he/she leaves.