Parent Involvement

Parents are Always Welcome

Parents have many opportunities to learn about and experience their child's preschool.  At the Nicholson School we emphasize the importance of a strong home to school connection. One such example is Parents' Night, where parents are invited to the classroom to understand the educational theory underpinning the selection and organization of classroom materials.  Another example is parent teacher conferences, held periodically during the school year.

Parents are encouraged to join their children on Parent Participation Days. Parents have the opportunity to come to the classroom as helpers several times during the year. On these days we encourage parents to visit and observe, read a story or help with a group art project. Though participation is optional, it is a wonderful way to experience your child's class and to learn how he or she spends the day.  Parents are invited to participate in various community building events throughout the year as well. 

We want parents to experience the school because we believe that's how we can best partner for the benefit of your child.