Parent Feedback

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Rachel - Chicago

The Nicholson School is an amazing place for a child to get their first school experience.  We sent our oldest daughter there in 2016, and she completed all three programs (2, 3, 5 day), and our middle daughter is now in her second year at the school.  The teachers are everything I could ever ask for - they are warm and caring, they make school fun and safe, and also run what I consider a pretty remarkable social, emotional and educational curriculum.  They have truly given my children exactly what they needed when they needed it, and they are great at managing their classrooms in such a way as to to give each child the individual attention they need.  

I have been blown away by just how much my kids have learned and thrived at the Nicholson School, and the best part is that they love it.   My kids were/are excited to go to school everyday and learn and I don’t think as parent there is a lot more I could have asked for.​ Outside of the faculty, the supportive family community at the Nicholson School is also something I feel lucky to be a part of.​

Alisha - Chicago

We first learned about Nicholson from our neighbors who were part of the Nicholson community. My previous sentence basically sums up what makes Nicholson such a special place. Those of us fortunate enough to send our kids to Nicholson don’t consider it “a place we send our kids” but rather an incredible community we belong to as a result.

​Its clear from the moment you drop off your little ones on day one that they are not only in good hands but also in loving hands. Every teacher is well trained and extremely passionate about early childhood education. Nicholson is the kind of place where everybody goes above and beyond what’s expected of them and gives
100%. The effort doesn’t end with the faculty either. Nicholson parents truly enjoy watching their kids spread their wings while taking a proactive role in helping to shape them into great people. I can honestly say some of our best friends in the city have come from Nicholson and while everybody is busy with their hectic lives the families are all inclusive and welcoming.

I am amazed daily at how far our child has come in her 2 years here, floored not only by the skills she has acquired but more importantly by the quality of her character and the maturity she exhibits in her dealings with other kids and adults. I could not be more proud of all of her accomplishments and I love that on Saturday she is depressed that there is no school! We are now sending our second child to the 2-day program and can’t wait for him to experience all of the growth that comes from The Nicholson School education and the sense of belonging that the rest of us feel. I can honestly say I love the teachers, the parents, the students, and have 100% trust in the program.

Kim - Chicago

​I just wanted to tell you how lucky I think we are in Bucktown to have a place with your vision and philosophy. You clearly have a love for and deep understanding of children.